Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hi guys!! This week's new release is here, just "For Your Information"! Hee hee. Check out this super fun kit!

Do you like infographics? These fun, streamlined images make even the most complicated information easy to understand. 
"For Your Information," inspired by the aesthetics of the best infographics, is filled with simple, geometric elements in a classic retro palette, designed for you to scrap your own infographic.  
It is perfect for interview and "all-about-me" layouts, and will work great for cover pages and "in-review" type of pages too.

This kit includes:
25 papers (15 pattern and 10 solids)

and 89 elements.

Also available to coordinate with the kit are:
4 full alphas (unicase letters, numbers and some symbols).

Element template pack that includes 20 various templates to use to customize and make your own infographic elements.

4 layout templates in 12x12 size.

For the best deal (40% off retail price!), grab the bundle which includes the kit, alpha, elements templates and page templates.
Available at ScrapTakeout or Memory Scraps.

Or pick up each piece individually.
Kit (includes elements and paper): ScrapTakeout or Memory Scraps
Elements Templates: ScrapTakeout or Memory Scraps
Page Templates: ScrapTakeout or Memory Scraps


by Robin (template by Jen Yurko)

 by Heather 

 by Dorine (template by Christaly)

by Shelby (template by Lissykay Designs)

Freebie flairs by This & That by Catherine available at her blog.

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Friday, July 18, 2014
Peacocks in Love!

Another new release! This time, it's a collaboration between Tammy (Mommy Me Time Scrapper) and me. I hope you like peacocks, because you won't believe how many we managed to stuff into one kit! LOL.

This kit is 20% off, and you get the alpha free-with-purchase from Jul 17 - 25! Woohoo!

The peacock, with its beautiful colors and majestic plumage, is truly a sight to behold.  "Peacocks in Love" is inspired by the wonderful bird. In rich tones of blue, emerald, purple and gold, this is an elegant kit that can be used for peacock-themed weddings, proms and birthday parties. It also includes a lot of elements and word-art that makes it ideal for scrapping photos of "love birds"!

It includes:
28 papers (8 solid and 20 pattern)

and 91 elements.

This kit is available for purchase at ScrapTakeout and Memory Scraps.

The paper and elements are also available for individual purchase.

The alpha can also be purchased separately (it is NOT included in the kit). However, if you get the kit this week, it's free!
This alpha pack includes 1 full gold filigree alpha (upper and lowercase letters, numbers and some symbols).

The alpha is available for purchase at ScrapTakeout and Memory Scraps.

Don't forget that until the 24th Hat of Bunny is the featured designer at Memory Scraps which includes a 25% off sale and a FREE with purchase kit.
Just spend 7 dollars and you will receive "You'll Never Know" FREE!

by Shelby (Janet Scott Designs Template)

by Dorine

by Heather

Frame Freebie by CT Heather will be available at her blog.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer nights are a particularly magical time; when one looks into the clear, starry sky, it is almost impossible to not feel overpowered by its immensity and beauty.  "Month of Starry Nights" tries to capture all that is wonderful about a balmy summer night: chasing fireflies, looking for constellations in the heavens, making wishes on the stars....with quiet, refreshing colors and fun elements scatter throughout, this is a truly unique summer kit.

It includes:
 15 papers
and 41 elements.

This beautiful kit is available EXCLUSIVELY at ScrapTakeout.
$1 only from Jul 15 to Jul 22!

 by Shelby
 by Robin
by Heather

 Quickpage freebie by CT Robin available at her blog.

Quickpage freebie by CT Heather available at her blog.

And don't forget that Hat of Bunny is the featured designer at Memory Scraps.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014
Easily Recolor Black and White Elements

Hi guys! Today I have a simple tutorial for you. My recent release, the Holey Journaling Cards, come with a ton of black and white word chips. They're fun and super easy to customize. Let me show you how:

There are two ways to do this. First, you can use the gradient map. Open up your black and white element. Go to Image->Adjustment->Gradient Map.

This will pull up a window with a gradient bar on it. Click on the gradient.

Which will bring up another window. Click on the arrow on the left side of the gradient, and you will see the option to change the color at the bottom (the little black window). The same will happen if you click on the arrow on the right side of the gradient.

Choose your colors by clicking on the little window. Here I changed the black to purple and the white to yellow. (Note: if you do not want the edge of the word chip to turn another color, keep the white).

Another easy method to recolor (and to add a pattern) to the word chips is to simply clip a paper to it...

and change the blending mode of the paper layer to "lighter color."

Voila! Everything of a lighter color than the paper will show up; i.e. the white words.

You can also change the blending mode to "darker color" for an opposite effect.

Easy peasy, right? I hope you find some use for these methods of recoloring!
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Thursday, July 10, 2014
Lots and lots going on this week!

Starting on the 11th until the 24th Hat of Bunny is the featured designer at Memory Scraps.
Which means 25% off all the items in her store and an awesome FREE with purchase kit.

You can get a sampler by signing up to the MS newsletter, and the rest of the kit by making a $7 purchase. Don't forget to add the FWP into your cart!

Up next is Holey Journaling Cards which is releasing June 10th.

This fun pack is super versatile and a must-have in any pocket scrapbooker's stash.  
In it, you will find 9 cards (each with rounded and straight versions), 178 word chips (with dates, seasons, monograms, numbers, symbols and common words), 1 blank chip, 2 round pockets, and 8 scatter templates.  The cards come in neutral kraft, but can be easily customized!
The word chips are in black and white for easy recoloring.
Mix and match to your heart's content!

Holey Journaling Cards can be purchased at ScrapTakeout or Memory Scraps.

 by Heather (Pops of Color by Hat of Bunny and Edgers 1 by Jen Yurko)
 by Catherine (Rainbow Ice by Hat of Bunny)
by Catherine (Rainbow Ice by Hat of Bunny)
 by Linda
by Robyn

This is not all!!!!

Did you see the lovely layouts by Catherine using "Rainbow Ice"?
This month Hat of Bunny is featured in Scrap Stacks Scrap Pack!!!
For $5 you receive 4 full kits by 4 great designers including "Rainbow Ice" by Hat of Bunny.
This is an incredible deal! 

I'm featured on the Scrap Stacks blog today. Go and read more about me, get a coupon, and enter to win $15 to my store! You can use the coupon on top of the sale and get the FWP kit too!

Not to mention this paper pack you get for free there. :)

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