Aloha! Welcome to the "About Hat of Bunny" page! I'm flattered that you'd want to know more about me. :) So here it is!

About Me

My name is Grace. I'm a 28-year-old stay-at-home mom to 2 kids, a boy (2.5 yo) and a girl (1 yo). They keep me busy! I'm originally from Hong Kong, China. I went to college in Hawaii, and met my husband, who's Korean, there. After we graduated, we got married and stayed in Hong Kong for a while. We both got our Master's degrees there. After that, we moved to Provo, UT, where he's studying for his Ph.D. I'm an English major and was a creative writing teacher before I had my kids. In 2011, after my son was born, I wanted to document his life and thus stumbled upon digital scrapbooking. It quickly became an obsession  my favorite hobby. Not long after that. I started designing my own products, and Hat of Bunny was born!

About Hat of Bunny

A lot of people asked me why I chose "Hat of Bunny" as my design alias. Well, for one, it's catchier than "Grace's Designs." ;) I chose it because of its surprise element, just like when a magician pulls out a bunny from his hat. I hope my designs are like that also: making the ordinary, everyday moments a little magical, a little extraordinary. Also, my main source of inspiration, my son, is a rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. Although, my daughter is a dragon, and she's my inspiration, too. So maybe I need to change my design name to "Hat of Bunny and Dragon" soon, LOL.

As an avid scrapper myself, I often design what I need to scrap my own photos. Therefore, my design style is very much dictated by my own scrapbooking tastes. I'm attracted to bright colors, a traditional, papery feel, and clean designs. I also like the occasional shabby and vintage page, as well as themed elements. You'll find all these in my kits! I'm also a little OCD  perfectionist, so all my products have been meticulously checked in terms of quality. Everything is created in print quality (300 dpi, in gamut, and appropriately textured).

If you have any concern about my products, or have a kit suggestion, or just want to talk to me, you're welcome to contact me in any of the ways listed in the contact me page.