Here's a copy of my Term of Use. Please respect it and do not violate it in any way. When in doubt, you can email me at

Personal Use, Scrap for Others, Scrap for Hire (PU, S4O, S4H)

My digital designs may be:

- Used for personal purposes
- Altered as long as you do not claim the altered item as your own and/or use for commercial purposes
- Made into layouts and submitted to online forums, newsletters and magazines, as long as proper credit is given to Hat of Bunny Designs
- Used for personal web designs/blog wear/siggies, as long as the image is personalized, compressed, and modified to be no more than 72 dpi
- Used to create compressed or printed-out layouts for scrap-for-hire purposes

Please contact me if you intend to use my designs for educational or charitable purposes.

Commercial Use (CU)

My designs are for small business only. For mass production, please ask for a mass commercial license. Credit is nice but not necessary.

My digital designs must not be:
- Sold "as-is," either in digital or printed-out form. All items created with my images must be modified and incorporated into your own designs. Simply recoloring does not count as modification.
- Sold in a template, kit, or collage sheet without being modified
- Shared with other parties. If others are interested in these items, please send them to my blog:
- Given out as a freebie or made available to other parties in any way. You may, however, use the images to create freebies of your own design as long as the images are flattened. Simply recoloring does not count as modification.
- Made into rubber stamps or digital brushes
- Made into other CU products. In other words, my CU license is just that, and not a CU4CU license

All of Hat of Bunny digital designs are copyrighted to me. Please respect and abide by my Terms of Use. Please contact me should you have any doubt or concern about how you're using my images. Thank you.